Hello everyone it’s eileen, I hope this is a good time for people. I am trying to bring some sanity  into my life the thing is I never had it so I don’t know what to look for. I’m still working on the cigarettes and i am pleased with how it is going. Someone from the Quitters smoking hotling has  been contacting me and that does help also. It’s always nice to talk to someone who has been where you are I feel like they really know what I am going through. I am staying with my dad lately, sunday thru thursday we have had fun. I am going to keep it short tonite so goodbye  eileen

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  1. eileen Says:

    HI am here again. I have been out of commission for the last year. this alzheimers is very sneaky but at the same time surprises me to the feelings of being so fearful, Fearful it I will be back this time and I get so scared I am just bringing on more pain for my children, That is why it is so important for me to get my book out there hopefully to prevent what has happened to me. Because of my addiction to drugs and alcohol is why I sit here today at 57 yrs old being diagnosed seven years ago and figthing it the whole time I am petrified of it so many games going on in my head. I truly beleive for the sake of my grandchildren and everyone elses child books like mine can only help the prevention of addiction.

  2. Ernest Dempsey Says:

    Hello Eileen,

    I reviewed your book last year and through your agent/ book publicist had an email interview with you. It’s great to see that you are holding on to the good in your life and had a good Christmas. I now am the editor of a self-help jorunal about healing and recovery. It is called “Recovering the Self” and you can visit it online at It is issued from Michigan. We have a wonderful book reviewer Patricia W. Jones who loves books about healing/recovery. I just suggested to her to pick your book for reviewing for our next issue. If you think you’d like to contribute an article, you are welcome to submit.

    Wishing you well and happy,

    Ernest Dempsey

  3. eileen Says:

    Hi world I am back and I hope to be here for a while. I have a new health aide who comes to the house monday thru friday her name is jennifer and I am very happy to have her. Well my youngest daughter is expecting dec. 3rd and we are very happy. Melissa has four boys and they are getting big I love them all. Life is getting a little more difficult for me, just every day things and so far I have not drank and I gotta work hard to keep it that way. I will be back, Eileen

  4. sherry Says:

    Good morning Eileen,
    i check your blog every single morning and was so pleased to see that you had written yesterday. Good to hear you……I’m glad you have a health aide, that has to be very helpful. And Sara is pregnant????!!!! yey! how exciting! i still need to get over there. tried to call and left you messages a couple times. Is it ok to just stop by after work sometime? it would be like 4:30 in the afternoon.
    Take good care Eileen, and know that i think of you all the time and i love you

  5. eileen Says:

    Hello I am still here. Our lives as a family has changed dramatically since this alzheimers has progressed. I do not go out much but i have a wonderful woman coming three days a week which allows me to join the world she encourages me and supports me which i have not had in a long time. My family still has a hard time and our relationships have changed. I am battling depression all the time and these are all consequences of my addiction, and the the fact that i have not relapsed is a miracle. I will make every effort to keep writing and thank you mr. Dempsey for your kind comments.

  6. eileen declemente Says:

    I am filled with so much hope and gratitude today. I lost my best friend a few days ago. This.woman is one of four unbelievable people who came into my life when I got sober those angels befriended me and helped me learn about me and my strengths. And I became the best person I could ever be. I luv u Jean Anne Jan Kathy and Ann marie.

  7. eileen declemente Says:

    I am here again and hopefully I will stay focused for a while. So this is going to be short. I never thought I would be at a loss of words no one would believe it. But I have been isolating right now that is what i want to do. A lot has been going on but I have to remember them so I can share as I go along. It won’t be tonite. I hope tomorrow.

  8. eileen declemente Says:

    I have no idea of what i am doing here. i GO TO BLOG and this is where I end up. oh well it is 1:45 am friday a whole week is gone and I do no memory of it. First I want to tell my family how much I love them but most of all I love my husband and I feel so bad of what i am putting him through. He and I have gone through hell together and now I am watching alzheimers take over my mind for a while its happening very fast and i can not catch my breath because there r all these images in my head millions of them and like right now its quiet up there. All i keep hearing and saying is drugs and alcohol did this to me but i let it happen.

  9. eileen Says:

    My life is the scariest place to be at this time. I have forgotten so much and when I see people no matter where we are i have anxiety. Tomorrow we have to go see my daughter and her family and I am petrified all i do is cry because i have never been so scared, my poor husband is taking care of a child neither of us anticipated it could be this bad. I don’t know what to do i am lost and really i can’t do anything because i don’t know where to start. I feel like a worthless piece of shit, I don’t know what good i am i have no purpose. I look back and see what alcohol and drugs have done to me and i make myself sick. I have isolated so much and pushed people away that now I know what it is like to be gone (dead) life goes on and i believe I didn’t bring anything of any purpose, but I have to mention a very dear person who has stuck by me besides my husband is diane sometime maybe i will be able to tell the world all about her. She takes me out and because she wants too not because she feels guilty i don’t think i will never forget her.

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