Learning to live with the consequences

“Learning to live with the consequences” however told, and by whom it has been told for a lot of peope can be taken in many ifferent ways, I beleive. When I was a child and it was said to me it was usually by my father or the nuns at school. I don’t know who I was more afraid of, but I’m pretty sure it would be the nuns, and it usually pertained to my homework, being preparer for a test or having all my class work done by the due date. For some reason all of those tasks were impossible for me to meet so I would get that same lecture at least once a week and it would torment me until I got it becasue I knew I deserved it, there was a process that had started.  That was over 40 yrs ago and it was not as easy for teacheres and school administrators to discover the learning disabilities that a lot of children had and I was one of those children that nobody knew what to do with. My schoolwork and homework was never completed or it was turned in all wrong, i could not prepare myself for a test so I would fail, so week after week my teachers would get very frustrated with me and tell me a dozen or so times “you will have to learn to live with the consequences of not completeing work young lady”.They were right so I waited for my consequences which came in many forms such as no playing outsude after school, not going to the same social stuff my sisters would go to. Well I think you get what I am saying. I grew up to see that whole process take over again.

This time it was about my behaviors but it all didn’t come together until today. I have to stop now I am very tired but I will continue this when I can. Eileen

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  1. Joe Says:


    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have not had the chance to find and read your book as yet, but I am sure that it has touched the lives of more people than you can imagine. I don’t know if you remember me from DHS, but I am saddened by the fact that I only saw your smile and not your pain. I guess we were all kids struggling with our own insecurities, too self involved to see the pain that weighed on others. Wishing you the best of futures.


  2. admin Says:

    Hi Joe thanks so much for visiting my blog. If you send me your address I will send you a copy of my book. Well I have hit another bottom in my life of course it has to do with my health so I was confronted by my Dr. Last monday and was told if I was lucky I had maybe five years left to live if I continued to smoke cigarettes well I did not take that to well. My justification in that is I have quit everything else so smoking has been my only vice well we all know that is a bunch of crap. I didn’t like anything this Dr. was saying to me but at the same time I have this fantastic family who I adore and now three grandsons and another one on the way and they are the center of my life and I want to be around to watch them grow. I am already battling the alzheimers but I am doing everything right to take care of that and try and slow down the progression sometimes I think it is working but I had my annual tests recently and it showed just mild progression so I see that as a big huge plus, mild is good. So I quit smoking the day I saw the Dr. I don’t like it I miss it and I WANT A CIGARETTE!!! So I am asking no I am begging for some help here HELP anything anyone has to say to make this a little easier I would love to hear from. Also any tips advice or ways anyone has tried I would love to hear I need all the support I can get. Joe we had a great thanksgiving my family was all together and for some reason this year I felt like I had more to be grateful for than ever. The pain gets easier to live with all the time, there are always new challenges for me I guess god has that in his plan for me so I need to accept that and live one day at a time. Thanks Eileen

  3. eileen Says:

    I have not been loyal to my blog. Life has really changed for me my girls and their families live away now and I miss them and my grandchildren so much. I am very limited now so everything I do is eratic, I think thats the word I mean I just do not know whats going on all the time so I never do what I am supposed to do. I think I have responsibilities I just don’t know what they are anymore. I just want to say to the people who have read my book and it has helped in some way thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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