November 1st

Well hello today is a important day for me my husband curtis and I have been married 34 years! I really beleive that is remarkable especially for us there were so many times we both wanted to throw in the towel but it was a good thing we both didn’t  feel like that at the same time. We definitely would have been divorced but what happened was when one of us was pissed off and ready to call it quits the other on wouldn’t let it happen. Any relationship needs work  and lots of it and that is one good example we have shown our girls its easier to walk out then it is to stay at it and work it out. We have been talking about this a lot today, it brings back so many memories for the two of us.  So we enjoyed the day and went to dinner we were disappointed in the dinner but enjoyed each others company. Our addiction has been haunting us lately in more ways than one and this is when it gets hard . So what do we do about that?  Any ideas? Anyone, if you have any please send them my way. You would be helping out a lot. Thanks Eileen

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