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Before I get into whats been going on I would like to tell anyone that I will be at St. Josephs hospital Sept. 18th from 9am till ? I will be at the hospitals 100th anniversary and it is a very special place for me. New Dawn the rehab I went to is there on the 6th floor and I have been asked to come and do a book signing and I was so excited that  they asked me. That is where I was given the chance to live or die. I had spent weeks in detox prior to my admittance in new dawn and I was shocked I had never heard of rehab or knew anything about what happens there but I soon found out. That was twenty years ago. The people there the counselors the floor nurse who i just saw recently she was awesome and my fellow patients who became friends of mine something that I had not experienced too much prior to my stay there. I remember everyone it is impossible to forget any of that time in my life and all those people helped save my life and I  get  such a great feeling everytime I think about going there again. So if you would like to attend  you need to call new dawn and register there will also be another speaker at 10 am  Tom Paul.  Also I happily received a invite to Barnes and Noble in Horseheads  New York to be part of  a local authors book signing Oct 11th  and they will then start selling my book. That was very exciting news also.

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  1. sherry gates Says:

    Eileen, how exciting! congratsulations on both book signings. I am so happy for you and how great to go back to your roots and sign and speak at the place where your new life started. I actually have sort of come home too…..back to the place that i loved working and had such a passion for what i did, only now to be a patient at Sol Stone. I know that i am in the best of hands as I worked with these very kind and compassionate folks and am fortunate to be under their care. Struggling with my own eating disorder, (form of addiction), again is both troublesome and a lot of hard work. But this is the start of MY new life; in many aspects; a new move, a new town, a new job, a lifelong committment to a wonderful partner, and most importantly, a new me. I can see the necessary need for this transition in my life. It is time for me to get out of this town and start anew and fresh and i am working through the fear of that into pleasant anticipation and excitment as i heal and deal with this eating disorder hopefully and determinedly for the last time. Sometimes one has to leave home to come home and that is how i am feeling. For you, you have come full circle in your 20 years and now return to the place of your rebirth in a way that will be inspiring to others and prove that recovery IS possible. I , once again, am so very proud of you and i love you . Unfortunately i will be in programing on the date of the New Dawn book signing, but will probably be able to attend the oct 11th date at Barnes and Nobles. I will be thinking of you and sending you well wishes and tender thoughts. Always, sherry.

  2. admin Says:

    Sherry your thoughts and words mean so much and you are so loyal coming to my blog I really appreciate it and love you for all you are doing for me and yourself your life is changing for the better and I am so happy for you. Addiction in my eyes is one of the worst diseases to have and only people like you and me and all the others that are suffering know it. It never leaves my life. I beleive I told you I was seeing a new dr. and she is wonderful and she specializes in addiction and alzheimers what a coincedence. Curt and I are both getting ourselves through a hard time right now. He is actually drug free for the first time since he was a kid and I never knew he was using all these years I did suspect a lot of things but well you know how it is. I have my own demons She is taking me off the rest of the meds the other drs. had me on and this is not easy. So Dr.Adams and linda Smith are my heroes. So I totally relate to where you are I am in the same place differant addiction so in the days to come I am going to be journaling in my blog everyday sharing with everyone my daily feelings and experiences and Andrew Sueberts book COURAGE TO FEEL is helping me to feel those feelings and not just think about them. I am encouraging curt to read it because as it is helping me I am sure it will do the same for him. Lets get in touch I will be home all weekend uncluttering my home meaning getting rid of everything I have committed myself to I have become so unorganized so my beautiful girls have hired this woman for ten hours to come in and organize everything but I dont want her to come until I get rid of most everything in here. Missy is starting the addition on her house and the attic monday so she will be here with the twins starting next week after adien gets on the bus, he goes to school now he is such a big boy and his first football game is sunday at 1pm we are all going and sara and dan are coming too so if you want to stop over or anything just drop in. I am thinking of you and will be writing everyday from today on. love eileen

  3. sherry gates Says:

    thanks for your words and encouragement. Addiction IS one of the worse diseases to have, but I have also been finding that the rewards of recovery are some of the best feelings and experiences that one can have, and in that regard, i feel lucky and blessed because not everyone has the opportunity nor is forced into the position of having to take a close look at themselves and their lives in order to grow and change spiritually. This past week has been life changing for me and i am moving in the direction of peace and comfort and gratitude and coming out of fear and worry and distress. Recovery can be so rewarding. It is beginning to feel as it did 20 years ago when i first got sober and had a renewed sense of hope and life.I just turned 49 years old yesterday and i can feel that sense of transition and change that is transforming and life producing. I probably feel more alive, and younger than i have for a long time.
    I am very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life, you included, and it is my pleasure and honor to share your journey with you in any way i can. i will be in definately be in touch. Today we are going to explore the town of Geneseo, my new home, which is exciting, but i know that corning will always be home too and my many roots in friends and family will be a constant stay in my life. I can always come “home”…in so many senses of the word.
    i love you

  4. Eileen declemente Says:

    I see that I have had no new visitors since I blogged last time. So that is okay. What I am going to do is start using this as a journal. I have tried to watch what I log so I do not hurt anyone I love but what I am doing is escaping and not deal with some new cards that have been dealt me. They really are not new to me but new for me to talk to people about. That is what I preach since I got sober is to talk talk talk until you have nothing left to talk about.
    We had an interesting weekend a very fun weekend my daughter, her girlfriend, my sister and my son in law all came for the weekend along with my neice and her friend heather to participate in the wineglass marathon here in corning,NY. It was wonderful my five yr old grandson aiden stayed overnight with my husband and I so that my daughter, her husband and her friend could sleep at missy’s my older daughters house and her husband kevin who was also running the race 26 miles can you beleive it? I was and am so very proud of all of them they worked so hard training for the last three months. They all completed it and were on such a natural high. I took care of the twins while we all cheered them on it was so awesome. I will never forget it and neither will they. I love them so much. My husband helped me with the twins when h could but everything went well. When we were done aiden had a football game now he is only 5 yrs old and I do not like watching him or the other boys getting thrown all over the field and all the other stuff that happens along with parents screaming to the top of their lungs ‘GET HIM AND KNOCK HIM DOWN IT’S OKAY KNOCK HIM ON THE GROUND’ I don’t think I have to elaborate any further. It MADE ME SICK. My daughters played sports all their lives right through college I didn’t like the conduct of parents then and I do not like it now. They the kids at five yrs old are there to have fun. That is my stand on it. Thank you for listening.
    I also have bigger things going on in my life right now. Addiction has taken over my life in one way or another. My husband confessed to me over a month ago that all this time he has never been drug free well I was dumbfounded I didn;t think anyone could get that over on me but he did. So the past four weeks he has been withdrawling from his medication his dr. had him on and taking a new med that helps get through withdrawal much smoother. Well I am also getting off the drugs I don’t take for my alzheimer’s. I have been in withdrawal not a happy place to be. The sad part is that my husband is addicted to gambling big time and now it is worse he does not spend the time with the family first his gambling comes first and my girls went through this as kids and do not want their children to be hurt the way they have bee. Maybe some day they will express here how they feel about it and the shame that goes along with it. For me I feel no shame just anger and lonliness. I can not beleive I am admitting that i do feel lonely I may have been married for thirty four years but we have never really been together. Today I cry everynight because we live like brother and sister and that is fine with him. Not for me. I have been lonely my whole life and I don’t want to be lonely anymore. I want to share the years I have left with someone who cares about me. I hope if anyone reads this they can understand where I am coming from. Iwill say it again ADDICTION IS KILLING MY LIFE. tHIS IS NOT HOW i WANTED THE END TO BE FOR ME.

  5. sherry gates Says:

    it sounds as if you are facing what you’ve known for years head on and i know that that must be difficult and painful. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with this, especially now when you have your own challenges and daily struggles to deal with. At the same time you are looking reality in the face and coming to terms with it and letting yourself feel all that that means, which means that you give yourself the opportunity to truly express yourself and deal with the pain of it all, which in turn will help YOU in your healing process. Not an easy thing by any means. I do want you to know that while i know its not the same as having a loving partner that is truly by your side and with you, you are not alone, and i love you and as i have told you many times, i am here for you in any way that you might need. YOu just need to tell me what you need and how i can help. I relate to addiction ruining lives, my own in particular as this eating disorder has taken so much that is so very important in my life away from me. BUt i am now getting that all back thankfully and with a lot of hard work and many , many supports and blessings. Having had to stare reality in the face, i know the pain of such realizations and i can only say that whenever we get totally honest with ourselves and others are willing to really go there, that is when the universe provides opportunity for growth and spiritual gain. I am here with you……………..sherry

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