You won’t beleive this

Well there is never a dull moment in our lives. The twins are three and a half months old and cute as hell But boy are they a lot of work. I am over to missy’s house every day helping her there is so much to do. The new news is she is PREGNANT AGAIN> Eight weeks along and she is in shock. We have known now for about five days and I am excited. She has a lot of support myself , my husband and sara her sister. My husband just went through getting off pain medication by taking suboxene and he is like a different person and I am so happy. Addiction runs our lives every time I turn around it is there staring me in the face in some shape  or form. I would love to hear from other people who live with this demon. Please share your thoughts and experiences with me and others we all need to hear it.  Thanks   Eileen

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