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Hi  I had the wonderful oppurtunity to spend a day signing books with another author from this area. His name Andrew Seubert. He just had his book come out “The Courage To Feel” it’s a wonderful book and for me it pointed out how we think about our feelings and feel our feelings and for me what I had was one of those Ah! Ah! moments where I realized I been doing a lot more thinking than feeling. Of course this is not all the book has to say it has many things to say and I reccomend it to everyone. It is marvelous. Well as can imagine I have been self analyzing myself ever since I started reading this book sometimes that can get dangerrous for me so I have to let up and things flow for a while.  Now for the rest of my life things  have been crazy as usual. I do want to say thank you to sherry for that nice note she wrote about my family I was very flattered and those were very nice things you  said. The twins are getting so big and cuter every day. I see them almost every day except for the last couple of days I have been sick as usual it seems I am getting sick all the time anymore ane it is getting me very frustrated. My younger daughter sara was here today and I was in bed sick again. I feel lke everytime she comes I am sick. Between my immune system and my memory I almost feel like laughing at myself. I forget everything and loose everything. I spend the majority of my time looking for everything I own or trying to remember who I am supposed to call or email or what I have to do as far as my book goes.  My husband just went through a hard time lately . He has problems with his legs from being on them all the time he has owned our restaurant we have now for  15 years and it has taken a toll on him. He had been on some pain medication he didn’t like and  wanted off of it but he had to be monitored off it so that made for a tense environment for a while. I feel like addiction comes up in our family a lot of course he didn’t feel he was addicted because he was prescribed them by Dr. but I know that whole story. Anyway its over hes off of them and he is much better.  I am going to say goodnight for now. I have pages of resources for facts, help and education of addiction and I will be putting them up this week  Than you for your patience.   Eileen Declemente

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