Are you willing?

Hi everyone it has been a while since anyone has visited me and been a while since I have visited me. I wonder what that is all about? Could it be me? I wonder that sometimes. Alot of what I like to talk about is sometimes threating to people or it is just subjects that no on likes to talk about maybe.

My life has been crazy as usual I did a  book signing last weekend saturday and sunday and it was wonderful. One of the great people who bought my book and read it gave me a beautiful gift it is a little bear handmade into a gaurdian  angel bear and it is wonderful in fact I got a chain and am wearing it  around my neck. Ijust love it and things like that people do make me speechless and that is something new to me. I have gotten wonderful feedback regarding my book and how people have related to it and it feels so good because that was my whole intention. We are in  the process of getting photos of the twins on our family gallery those boys as well as my five yr old grandson are precious. So soon to come they will be.  I will be back soon. Eileen

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