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Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Hello it’s eileen!

Before I get into whats been going on I would like to tell anyone that I will be at St. Josephs hospital Sept. 18th from 9am till ? I will be at the hospitals 100th anniversary and it is a very special place for me. New Dawn the rehab I went to is there on the 6th floor and I have been asked to come and do a book signing and I was so excited that  they asked me. That is where I was given the chance to live or die. I had spent weeks in detox prior to my admittance in new dawn and I was shocked I had never heard of rehab or knew anything about what happens there but I soon found out. That was twenty years ago. The people there the counselors the floor nurse who i just saw recently she was awesome and my fellow patients who became friends of mine something that I had not experienced too much prior to my stay there. I remember everyone it is impossible to forget any of that time in my life and all those people helped save my life and I  get  such a great feeling everytime I think about going there again. So if you would like to attend  you need to call new dawn and register there will also be another speaker at 10 am  Tom Paul.  Also I happily received a invite to Barnes and Noble in Horseheads  New York to be part of  a local authors book signing Oct 11th  and they will then start selling my book. That was very exciting news also.

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