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I have been lost

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Hi everyone I am a little embarrased. All this time I have making comments on my website but I was not blogging, I thought I was. That is how ignorant I am to the computer but now I am learning and this is just the  begining. Clarissa thank you for commenting at my site and thank u for your comment. Well officially this is my first blog so you will be hearing from me regularily and I hope I hear from all of you. I definitely have a lot to say. bye for now  eileen

My Team

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Hello, I am very excited I have the best team in the marketing department working on my promoting my book. AME Author Marketing Experts is their name and they have guided me and put up with me since the begining which was about four years ago now. Penny coached me all while I was writing the book and she was there for me at my best and my worst. I would get very emotional as I was writing it going back to all those very painful times and it wasn’t just me it was my whole family so I was like sabotaging my own work, One crisis after the other but she called me on my stuff and did it firm and straight but was also lovingly at the same time it was her and my editor Jeniffer Thompson from Monkey C Media that are the reason I completed this book. It was worth it for me anyway because from all the letters and phone calls from people that this book has touched their lives was the whole reason behind writing it. Today they sent me my first book review and it was wonderful it was the exact description of what the book is to me and it filled me with so much gratitude for her words. Thank you Tina Avon bye, Eileen

The twins are doing well

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Well first of all if anyone out there has any ideas how to invite more people to my blog I would love the suggestions.
I believe I have shared with you that my oldest daughter had twin boys may 3rd. They are a month old already and very healthy. They went from three and four pounds to six and a half pounds already. So we are all very grateful once again we have received a miracle. My youngest daughter got married April 5th and she and Dan are very happy. Its a wonderful feeling to know your children are happy and I thank god for that.
A lot has happened in my life, decisions I have made about my health I felt forced to make for my sake and my family’s. Things have been happening to me because of the Alzheimer’s this past two years things that had become unbearable to live with and for some reason something deep inside of me kept telling me I still had some control. One thing I have learned in sobriety is to trust my instincts they are usually right. They were right this time also. Physically I was loosing control of my body at different times and for longer period of times. Fear was beginning to overwhelm me all the time. I would wake up in fear and live that way an entire day. My quality of life was deteriorating fast and after all the work my family and I put into writing this book I have been unable to promote it. This book has been one of my biggest goals. I have to sign off for a while but I will be back.

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