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Bringing home the Twins

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Thanks today may 15th the boys came home and it is also Aiden’s b-day my five year old grandson so he thinks he has been given the best gift of all his brothers. They are doing well and both weigh four lbs. now so that is good. I saw them tonight and was able to feed carder it was wonderful to watch them sleeping together in their cradle next to each other they are so beautiful and my daughter is doing wonderfully.
Also another great thing happened to me yesterday. I work with a trainer twice a week and then go to her class for an hour after and a very pretty woman came up to me after and said “I was given your book for a mothers day gift and I loved it” I just hugged her and I could not believe the feelings I was having—it was so great—my hope is for this book to touch a lot of peoples lives. Bye Eileen

We have Twins!!

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Well I have been so involved in my family lately. All good things I must add. May 4th my daughter Missy called me from the hospital “Well do you want to see your grandsons born today?” Of course I screamed but what I did not know was that she was asking me to be in the delivery room with her husband. When I got there with my husband there they are my soon to be 5 yr. old grandson my son in law and my beautiful daughter laying there with the biggest smile on her face, she was the same way when her older son was born just laying there smiling from ear to ear. I surely did not look that way I was a screaming maniac at anyone who walked in the room. My son in law Kevin said well Grammy are you going to go in the delivery room with us and I turned to Missy with my mouth wide open and face as red as a beet “you are serious” yes I am mom I jumped up in the air about 3 feet oh yes thank you so much. I ran over to her and just held her and hugged her tight. A few hours later Landon and carter entered the world very quickly but doing well. They were early so they were 3lbs and 4lbs so they will be in the hospital for a while. Their big brother couldn’t be happier along with the rest of our family. So that is our latest news. Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there. Love, Eileen

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