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Struggling with the addiction of food

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I have received mail and phone calls regarding my book and one of the biggest topics that keep coming up is weight and our addiction to food. Young women, teens and adults and also men seem to relate my fight with my addiction of drugs and alcohol to their fight with food. I agree completely. people will do anything for food just as they would any other addiction. Go and eat alone large amounts of food until they are sick some throw it back up and others have no interest in doing that. They eat to soothe themselves or to feed some emotional need or for whatever reason is behind it. They also hit bottom that could be obesity to the point of being discriminated against or tormented by people which keeps them from living a normal life or it could lead to a eating disorder which leads to death in some people. Their are so many different addictions that I am the first to admit my addictive personality has lead me into many different obsessions I usually end up replacing one for another.

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