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Had a bad week

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Hello I have been absent in writing this week it has not been a good week for me with my Alzheimer’s. But everything else in my life is great my youngest daughter gets married next month and we have many showers to go to for her and also my daughter Missy is having twins in may and we have showers for her. Not to mention all the events coming up for my book. March 15th from 11-2 we have a book signing at the YMCA in Corning, NY I have a radio interview coming up and a TV interview. We are also planning other book signings here in our area. I get a little overwhelmed when I know I ave many things to do because I am not confident like I use to be in my being able to to do what is expected of me. So I say a big prayer and let it go. Thanks to all you supporters for the people who have read my book feel free to write me and ask questions I would be more than happy to answer them. Take care Eileen

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