Addiction, True Love, & Forgiveness

Eileen DeClemente has bravely chosen to share her story of addiction with the world. Her book, ALIVE, is both raw and real, but mostly it is genuine and affecting. Her heartbreaking account of a lost childhood and the path she chose to escape her pain will touch you to the core of your being. She shares with the reader some of the most embarrassing moments a woman could ever dream of revealing and she does it with pure honesty.

Eileen is a courageous woman. She shares her story in hopes that her words will give hope to even just one hopeless person!! Eileen has been intimate with death—but she chose life!!

"Twenty years ago, I spent the night in an intensive care unit with a young girl who was struggling to survive her most recent overdose. Both she and her family lay ravaged by the consequences of her addiction. We could only pray—we had no idea what the morning would bring.
"Miraculously, she survived. The Medical profession had done its job, but recovery could only come from inside Eileen.

"Mary Anne Radmacher once wrote 'courage does not always roar, sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying: I will try again tomorrow.'

"And so it is with addiction. Eileen had the courage to change her life! For those who must travel the same path, may this book give you the needed strength to try again."

—Dr. Tim R., New York

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